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Double Click Whip Testing and Operation




The fold in half connector is epoxied in the middle of the fiberglass shaft so you never loose it or have to remove and replace it when you fold your flag in half.

The Patented "fold in half connector" has been tested 10,000 times by a machine to open, fold in half, straighten, then lock. The special flexible plastic still did not show any signs of cracking and the black locking cover did not show wear.

I personally have tested the strength of the locking cap on my bike at 70+ MPH for over 500 miles with a very heavy double layer American flag on the top half of the shaft.

This is one of my bikes and I have ridden it through the trees and on highways to test the connectors strength.

Of course I use the Click Whip (Pat Pending) quick disconnect so I never need tools to remove my flag when I load up my bike on the back of my motor home. I just click it off of my bike, slide the black plastic sleeve up and fold the flag in half to place it in the small storage compartments in my motor home.


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