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Installation Instructions for Whip Light or Patriotic Whip Light.


To install the bottom Whip Light lens to your shaft:

1. Use course sandpaper (included) to rough up your shaft where the lens will go. Clean the top of the shaft of any dirt or oils, acetone works well.

2. Slide the provided silicon grommet down the shaft until it is 5/8" from the top of the shaft.

3. Mix 5 minute epoxy (included) use a toothpick to put some epoxy in to the bottom lens as far as possible where it will slide down on the shaft. Make sure you put enough epoxy to fill all the void around shaft. (See drawing below)

4. Slide the bottom lens down over the shaft until it contacts the silicon grommet, being careful not to push the silicon grommet down, twist the bottom lens around the shaft a couple of times to spread the epoxy around, let dry.

5. Stand shaft straight up without the Whip Light lens touching anything for about 1 hour, letting epoxy dry. (5 min epoxy does not mean it is dry in 5 min, it takes at least an hour for 75% strength, full strength in 8 hours)

6. When the epoxy dries put light in bottom lens and while holding onto the bottom lens, screw on top lens, you are ready to go.

7. Check lens tightness before each ride. Use Teflon thread tape on threads if your top lens keeps getting loose.

Detail drawing below:

Last updated 05/21/04

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